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Hello, and greetings. Please enjoy my art!

I am the god of Sun West, Riverloon City, GrandCity, and Technew York, Pupbat City, and underground.

Riverloon city:
Mon Alockard
Darkcola Alcokard

Ian Derol

Sun West City,
the 4 vampires -
Wright The Cop.

Pupbat City:
Yanic the king of pupbat
and JeanDaniel Le Noir

Technew york City:
Clovis Derol

Thank you for your visit.

Have a nice day.


Stuff I love




Blizzard by ShadowtailsDerol
James Nye,
A Proto-Scientist, who worked with the scientists that created
the little creatures Bodnatch. His job was to watch over the creatures and make reports on their behavior. The scientists created 4 creatures
But nothing went good, he turned out to be a toy and everrthing was disaster, one was keeped jumping on the create button which was just
creating more of creatures, some playing with the coffee machine, they . He was even part of a tug of war. Althought they never hurt him.

The Co-workers help him get him free by killing the creatures, but James was sent to sleep by a creature on his head. He woke up in one of the bed
in the lab house. He went back to see if everything was all a dream, but it was not. The creatures toke control of the whole people
 working there. He felt weak not being able to help them, he was spotted again and pinned in the air again. He was returned to the same
room, and this time he brought a gun as he went to the lab, the creatures were all leaving. Gone they were. He was left to his
own. So he worked his glasses, and month after finishing it, he joined a gang of the creature's hunter. What he didn't know is
that his boss, was a paid criminal to kill a certain kid.
Hairy Problem by ShadowtailsDerol
Hairy Problem
They had a crazy hat day so Shadowtails joined in.
Prince Darkcola Volume 2 - Page 10 by ShadowtailsDerol
Prince Darkcola Volume 2 - Page 10
Althought Darkcola is nice he doesn't like bullies, even if he cares for them.
Bodnatch by ShadowtailsDerol
These specie are created by humans for unknown uses.
They attach themselves on animals and humans and
they drain their energy making their victims sleep
more often. They can also steal their body and control them as if it was
their own body, while doing that they hunt other things and drain their energy, once they collected enough
energy they can evolve and make the body deformed depending on their personality.
They can also become your friend thats if you don't try to kill them.
They hang into trees or even ends up being mistaken for a hat. Their tail can become
 tentacles and grip themselves into to trees to climb.

Althought they do have alot of bad stuff about them they are very sensitive and they don't all deform the victim's body.
They like being petted and they can make a great pet if you live alone or don't have money to feed them.
Their teeth doesnt hurts, its actually more like jelly teeth which go throught the skull like water on a cloth and tie their hands on to you, like a belt. It doesnt even leave
a marking. Once that is done you and the Bodnatch are one, what you see, he sees, what you think they hear it, what they think you hear it
and it can become a good adventage, or a bad.... They will know if you are depress or happy. They can't talk besides
if they control you.

once they are attached to you they wont let go and as explain, you will get tired quickly.
There isnt any other way to get free unless if they decide to free you besides being killed.


Shadowtails Derol
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
^_^ Welcome to my channel.

Don't need to thank me for +watch and +Fave

Online on Deviantart , hotmail and Youtube
Bank account :iconvince70:


Welcome my dear followers and fans!

I announce you that I am launching a character contest!

You must create a new character, it can be a vampire or a human.
The winner of the contest will be allowed to be in the volume 3 of Darkcola, and it wont be just a background. It will be staying until the volume ends.
The rests will get one picture of its created character.

I will judge which character I like best and I will be rewarding everyone.

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